The Mortrex Concrete Mixer is designed to go any where you need to go.

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It is the perfect portable tool for mixing concrete for indoor and outdoor projects. Originally created to

mix concrete fast and precisely for fence posts, the Mortrex mixing tool has proven to be useful in a multitude of other applications as well. Read some of our testimonials from satisfied customers!


The Mortrex Concrete Mixing Tool replaces the need for big messy wheelbarrows which are cumbersome to maneuver across rough terrain and are impossible to transport up and down stairs. The Mortrex tool, when used with a 5 gallon bucket, allows you to mix concrete in less than a half minute and easily carry it to where you need to go. No matter where you take it, you will not need electric or batteries to power it. Click here to see how it works.


The convenience of this industry – proven tool is that the amounts of water and concrete needed to make a perfect mix have been calculated for you. We’ve “done the math” for you! Simply rinse off your bucket and tool when your finished. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the time and effort that the Mortrex Concrete Mixing Tool saves you.